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Lamotte Color-Q Refill Reagents PRO7 Meter Kit | R-2056

  • Color-Q Pro 7 test reagent refill kit
  • Includes one 30 ml bottle of DPD 1A liquid reagent for free chlorine, DPD 1B liquid reagent for free chlorine
  • DPD 3 liquid reagent for total chlorine, pH liquid reagent for pH
  • ALK liquid reagent for total alkalinity, CH2 liquid reagent for calcium hardness
  • Also includes CH1 liquid reagent for calcium hardness, CYA TesTabs for Cyanuric Acid and 5 ml Color 6 Test Tube
  • ColorQ Photometer for Pool and Spa

    • Only 5 drops for each liquid reagent
    • No color matching, no look-up charts

    The unique, multi-test ColorQ hand-held photometer measures test factors directly on a digital display. Featuring an innovative dual-optic design, the ColorQ provides more accuracy and more test factors. The ColorQ eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations or the use of look-up tables, which takes the guesswork out of pool-side water analysis.

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